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BUDVA – the City of King Cadmus

Budva is a city with the most exceptional heritage. It is the most extraordinary polis in all of the Mediterranean.

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Budva is situated along the central part of the Montenegrin coast soaked in sunshine and surrounded by the beauty of nature.

An adventageous geographical location and mild climate created hospitable conditions for the early settlement in the Budva region. Budva riviera covers an area of 122 sq.km.

Along its 25km of coastline lie some 17 sandy and pebble beaches, stretching from Trsteno and Jaz in the north all the way to Buljarica at the very south. Surrounded by a massive and spectacular mountain range, Budva is protected from the strong northern winds.

The region of Budva enjoys typical Mediterranean climate. The winters are mild with plentiful rain, while spring, summer and most of autumn are dry. Budva is placed at the very top of the most desired tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.

Today, Budva is a castle-cum-theatre, and the stage for many theatrical events. During the summer time number of visitors increases one hundred-fold. This is also a place which adopts to visitors, and more then that – it liberates them. Budva helps us find out who we are, to whom we belong and where we are from.